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CAVE TABLE complete!

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CAVE TABLE撮影開始(photo: Takeuchi Tomoyuki )

日本総合デザインサポート協会、HOZO 、高橋木工製作所 の皆様には心からの感謝を申し上げます。



以下 「天空の芸術際2016」 ホームページ ↓




CAVE TABLE by Noriaki Hanaoka Design

We are pleased to announce CAVE TABLE is complete and will be featured at Museum in the Sky 2016,co-sponsored by Tokyo University of the Arts + Tomi City. We invite you to visit us at the event, October 23, 2016. Noriaki will be there to attend the artist commentary event. We hope to see you there.


Museum in the Sky 2016
10/1 – 10/30 ( 10:00 – 17:00)
Closed Monday

Sky Garden
Yaehara 3533,
Tomi city
Nagano 389-0406


we would like to acknowledge and thank a number of individuals for their contribution, input and ongoing support in helping make CAVE TABLE. Special thanks to JGDSA, HOZO, and Takahashi Mokkou-ss for their dedication and support.